Utah Employee Non-Compete Clause

The Utah Business website just came out with an article on what employees and employers in Utah think of non-compete clauses. There are large debates on the Utah Capital right now as to the validity of such clauses. So far, those for the employers are winning. However, despite what some think, there is still aContinue reading “Utah Employee Non-Compete Clause”

Age Discrimination in the Utah Workplace

Age discrimination is a real thing in Utah. There are many companies that terminate individuals based on their age. However, most companies understand the legal hurdles around discrimination and like all other discrimination cases, they may not come right out and say that someone was discriminated against but the actions and what surrounded the terminationContinue reading “Age Discrimination in the Utah Workplace”

Exempt or non-exempt and overtime pay in Utah

One big important question to answer as an employee for a company is whether or not you are an exempt or nonexempt employee for overtime purposes. This is an important question to ask. The problem your company thinks they have already answered that question for you. When employees are on salary, they also with thatContinue reading “Exempt or non-exempt and overtime pay in Utah”

Trademark Law and Trade Dress in Utah

Trademark Law can be a complicated issue. They are important issues for artists, designers, and companies to consider while conducting business with consumers and other businesses. On the trademark side, the name or logo of a company is what helps customers and competitors know who you are. A picture is worth a lot to aContinue reading “Trademark Law and Trade Dress in Utah”

Worker’s Compensation injuries and Product Liability in Utah

There are many individuals that get injured on the work-site. A lot of the work-site injuries also involve a type of machinery, truck, tools, equipment, ect. Many attorneys overlook the fact that work-site injuries can also involve a products liability claim. This is important and is something that should not be overlooked. In worker’s compensationContinue reading “Worker’s Compensation injuries and Product Liability in Utah”

The need for clay-fired contracts in Utah

Utah Contract law is an important art in the world of law and business. It is also a dying art in this world. The reason being is that many individuals find generic contracts online and use them instead. More and more people are doing this. The reason being is that it is quicker and easierContinue reading “The need for clay-fired contracts in Utah”

What you need to know if your Utah Business has been charged with discrimination.

Has your business been charged with a claim of employment discrimination? Do you want to avoid being charged with a claim with employment discrimination or harassment? Our firm has worked with lots of employees who feel they have been wronged by their company or company. We have a unique view on the importance of ensuringContinue reading “What you need to know if your Utah Business has been charged with discrimination.”

Utah Law Developments: Anti-Discrimination Claims

There have been a few recent developments in Utah related to Labor Law and Employment Law. Most of these topics have been covered in recent blog posts such as the audit of the Utah Labor Anti-Discrimination Commission, and non-competition agreements. Other developments are paid family leave as well as maternity leave and discrimination against womenContinue reading “Utah Law Developments: Anti-Discrimination Claims”

Individual Worker Rights in Utah

This Salt Lake Tribune article talks about the fight for individuals and their right to work. It focuses on the red tape of training and licenses that many individuals need in order to work and mentions a U.S. District Court case of a female that won a lawsuit against her hair stylist school which focusedContinue reading “Individual Worker Rights in Utah”

Legal Issues with the at-will doctrine

The state of Utah in Employment Law is an at-will state, but the question is, what does at-will really mean and how does it add-up to the basic doctrine of contracts? There are always a lot of questions of at-will employment here in Utah. Here, the de facto law is that both parties can terminateContinue reading “Legal Issues with the at-will doctrine”