Individual Worker Rights in Utah

This Salt Lake Tribune article talks about the fight for individuals and their right to work.

It focuses on the red tape of training and licenses that many individuals need in order to work and mentions a U.S. District Court case of a female that won a lawsuit against her hair stylist school which focused on types of hair styling she was not interested in.

It also mentions Utah working on an amendment to the Utah Constitution and the right to work. There is one section in the Utah Constitution that is quite relevant to this issue though which states:

“Article XVI, Section 3 [Certain employment and practices to be prohibited.] The Legislature shall prohibit: (3) The political and commercial control of employees.”

With that, one could argue that there is already an on-point law in there in that the licenses and the training which are unnecessary and irrelevant and overly burdensome are the unlawful political and commercial control of employees.

It also raises an important topic of debate on whether or not 4-year colleges are excessive training and overly burdensome. There is the argument that a college makes an individual well-rounded. However, it requires that many individuals take courses that really have nothing to do with what their ultimate occupation will be.

The downside is that these courses take time to do and complete as well as tuition money which could be spot-on with the decision from the U.S. District Court. It could even go as far as the High School level and whether or not High School is properly offering courses for individuals that they have an interest in.

There is a place for some courses such as English and other courses, however, it should be that those courses are either part of the curriculum for a certain degree or a suggested course to take for a certain degree and not mandatory. If individuals elect to take additional courses outside their degree, then they can simply put that on their resume which may help them be more competitive.

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