What you need to know if your Utah Business has been charged with discrimination.

Has your business been charged with a claim of employment discrimination? Do you want to avoid being charged with a claim with employment discrimination or harassment? Our firm has worked with lots of employees who feel they have been wronged by their company or company. We have a unique view on the importance of ensuring that a company has a healthy environment regarding workplace fairness. Many firms that help companies primarily focus their practice on defense work.

The problem with this is those firms will give advice on how to avoid the pitfalls through paperwork training, manuals, pamphlets and other low-end types of advice that does not fix the problem and only appears to fix the problem but the issues still occur. Every business is dynamic and unique which requires a different plan and scheme depending on the business.

We help businesses create an actual atmosphere of workplace fairness instead of creating paperwork of just going through the motions. If an company is actually charged with a claim of employment discrimination, most firms will also advice the business on how to simply defend the action.

The problem here as well, is the legal team will just develop a strategy to make the issue go away instead of addressing the issue and ensuring the issue will not happen again. Also, sadly, many legal teams develop a strategy to drag out claims as long as they can because the more hours they bill, the more money they make.

Our vision and our role is to eliminate workplace fairness in a business and help them avoid costly litigation fees altogether. The number of claims against companies in Utah for discrimination, harassment, retaliation, based on age, race, color is drastically increasing. We are helping those individuals with their claims. We also want to help companies avoid such claims in the future. We look at the big picture here instead of seeing this as a battle against companies and employees.

If we can get companies understand better the role that their employees play with the company, this will not only help them avoid costly litigation, it will also help them create an environment of understanding and mutuality with their employees, it will create an environment where employees want to work, a company they want to work for and a company they don’t want to leave. This in turn, will create productivity among employees and in turn higher gains, profitability and growth for the business. A call with our Utah Employment law firm and attorney and advice on the future can go all way and be an investment that your company will need moving forward.

We look forward to working with you to help your business and your employees succeed.

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