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Utah Personal Injury Law

Our Utah Personal injury law firm handles complex cases that involve personal injury to individuals. The cases may seem easy to resolve but each case is unique as it relates to the facts of each incident and as it relates to possible claims and defenses may raise on the other side. Each personal injury case is attached to fault as well when it comes to a claim for injury against another individual.

Civil personal injury claims and tort law is important to our legal society but is the most understood within our society as it relates to its purpose, intent and remedies. Our attorney is here to help guide you through your personal injury claim and ensure you obtain the proper remedy for your injury.

Standard of Care

Typically, an individual must prove that the injury they incurred was as a result of someone’s negligence. Meaning, that someone deviated from the typical standard of care set as it relates to a reasonable person in the same circumstance. Sometimes proof requires an expert witness or other evidence to show that an individual deviated from such care.

Utah Products Liability and Injury 

This standard changes as it relates to professionals such as with medical malpractice cases, or legal malpractice cases. However, in the State of Utah, when it comes to injury as to a defective product, one only needs prove that the productive was defective and the product injured that person to prove liability. The standard relates to whether or not a consumer would be able to appreciate the risks dangers and propensities of the product as to its defectiveness or if the defect went beyond such contemplation of risk.

All manufacturers and distributors involved can be liable for the injury caused to the individual. The purpose of the Utah law is to protect all individuals against harmful products. The law protects all individuals against protects whereas many other product liability laws in other states only protect individuals that actually purchase the product and are in privity in contract with the product.

Valuing a case: How much is my Utah Personal injury case worth?

Injuries are also different just like the facts of the case as it relates to the injury. They are all specific to that individual, their age, their occupation, their family, their assets, their medical condition prior to the injury and their medical condition after the injury.

Valuing a personal injury case requires all of theses factors. One may have suffered an injury where they are no longer to work or work the same vocation as they had prior. That can lead to damages of lost wages past and future.

One’s personal life may be affected by their injury as it relates to hobbies, interests, occupations and family relationships, which can lead to loss of enjoyment of life as a result of the injury. Medical expenses, past and future can be incurred as a result of the injury. Other consequential damages such as lost savings and other benefits could be used to pay for some of the medical expenses which one could recover.

Other types of injury claims

Also, one may recover for the emotional and physical pain they may have suffered as a result of the injury. This can depend on the extent and seriousness of the injury including the length of time it takes to recover or the amount of time one still suffers after the injury. We ensure that each injury is properly valued to help determine the value of your case and the best method to ensure recovery. The facts are important and our important ensures that each fact is detailed properly. For every right there is a remedy and we ensure that there is a remedy to each right in our cases.

Our personal injury attorney also deals with injuries in relation to emotion such as intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress. We also deal with injuries as it relates to privacy such as invasion of privacy, defamation, slander and libel, false light, fraud as well as wrongful misappropriation.

We also deal with complex matters that deal with injuries that one may have incurred as a result of a government entity. These cases can be hard to navigate as they deal with government immunity defenses from the government. We can properly assess your case to determine whether or not you may or may not have a valid claim against a government entity. Some of these cases may deal with police officers or other government agents, or public employees, including injuries incurred within the workplace as a public employees as well as excessive use of force and police brutality claims.

Our personal injury attorney also deals with claims that are intentional actions, such as assault and battery claims for injuries done to a person, false imprisonment, or trespass and damage to land and property  We also deal with other injuries as it relates to economic interests as property such as fraud, misrepresentation, conversion, which is the civil equivalent of theft and intentional interference with economic relations and injurious falsehood. Contact our firm for a case review as to your claims today.

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